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Curriculum vitae

Personal details

Name Keith A. May
Date of birth 26th October 1969
Postal address Computer Science Department, University College London, Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT

Research interests

I use psychophysical and computational techniques to investigate the early stages of processing performed by biological visual systems. My research falls mainly into six areas:

  • Detection and representation of edges and texture boundaries
  • Integration of edges and texture boundaries across space (contour integration)
  • Coding and decoding of low-level image properties, e.g. contrast, colour and blur
  • The relationship between psychophysical performance and properties of the neurons mediating performance
  • Efficiency of visual processing
  • Visual attention


PhD "Edge coding in human vision: a psychophysical and computational investigation", Aston University, UK, awarded on 3rd June 2004. Supervisor: Mark Georgeson
BSc BSc (first class) in Psychology, York University, UK, 1992
A Levels Physics (A), Maths (A), Further Maths (B), Chemistry (C)

Academic positions

Institution Position held Start date End date
University of Essex, UK Lecturer 02/09/16
University College London, UK Research associate 10/03/14 01/09/16
City University, UK Research fellow 14/02/11 13/02/14
University College London, UK Research associate 01/11/08 12/02/11
Bradford University, UK Research assisitant 01/08/06 31/07/08
McGill University, Montreal, Canada Research fellow 16/05/05 15/05/06
University College London, UK Research fellow 01/12/03 31/12/04
St. Andrews University, UK Research assistant 01/11/92 31/10/93
BT Labs, Martlesham Heath, UK Research assistant 12/07/92 30/10/92


Funding obtained

  • £500 Travel grant from Guarantors of Brain to visit Sensory Coding & Natural Environment conference, IST Austria, 9–12 September 2012


  • Physiology of Vision and Perception practical classes (Bradford University Optometry BSc course, 2006–2008)
  • SPSS practical classes (Bradford University Psychology BSc course, 2006–2008)
  • Optometric Maths practical classes (Bradford University Optometry BSc course, 2006–2008)
  • Supervision of undergraduate projects on visual psychophysics at Bradford, McGill and St. Andrews Universities
  • "Biological Vision" lecture at BMVA/EPSRC Annual Summer School on Computer Vision for PhD students 2009–2013
  • Lecture on "Motion, Blur, and Motion Blur" at Psychology of Visual Art Summer School, Kingston University, 2010


  • One project grant application for the Wellcome Trust
  • Abstracts for the following Applied Vision Association conferences: AGM 2007, 2010; Christmas meeting 2009, 2012
  • Papers for the following journals: Computer Vision and Image Understanding, Frontiers in Psychology, Journal of Vision, Neural Networks, Perception, PLoS Computational Biology, PLoS ONE, Proceedings of the Royal Society B, Vision Research

Professional membership

  • Applied Vision Association

Technical skills

Experimental techniques Psychophysics, computational modelling
Programming languages MATLAB, C/C++ (including MATLAB mex files and Microsoft Foundation Classes), Java, Android API, Pascal, Ada, BBC BASIC, 6502 assembly language
Markup languages HTML, LaTeX
Graphics hardware VSG, ViSaGe, Bits++, FE-1 stereo goggles
Graphics software psychtoolbox, SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer)

Conference sessions chaired